Windows 10 to be signed off for release in mid July

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 is reportedly being prepared to be signed off as RTM this July. Official launch is expected in autumn.

Microsoft has said that Windows 10 will be signed as RTM (Release to Manufacturer) this summer according to the various sources withing in Microsoft.  For those of you that don’t know what RTM is; Think of it as final version of product that is signed off for release, that has been thoroughly tested for bugs, problems of various kind. The similar term that most companies use for RTM is Final Release. Some companies tend to have RC versions of their software, which at the moment Windows Preview is doing to some extent.

Most of the features are nearly done, but still, a large amount of changes is still being tested by Windows Insiders at the moment each week so that potential problems could be solved before release. Currently, Insiders are testing build 10122 while the internal testing is 10130 being tested by around 1500 staff members. Back in March, Windows Team had said that they would include 111 languages, launching in 190 different countries.  Also, various sources have alluded to Microsoft releasing RTM this July, with most prominent being AMD that accidentally slipped the information about the Windows 10 release, during one of their interviews. With this iteration of operating system, the aim is to connect all devices and services so that the integration can be seamless. Given the task, Microsoft is even extending Windows 10 to the Xbox One, apart from mobile phones and other devices. They are even going so far to offer the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 a 1 year to upgrade to it for free. Windows Insiders will be able to upgrade to RTM release for free as some sources claim. One thing that we can 100% be sure of is that Windows RT is definitively dead.

As said, the things are not set in stone and are subject to change so you should take this information with grain of salt, but there is huge chance that it will stay like this, and if changed it will only be minor.

We can’t wait for Windows 10 and we hope that Microsoft has learned from Windows 8 on what it needed to be done to make User Experience enjoyable once again.

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