Grindam was founded in 2009 as a place for game reviews, but it also serves as a name of game development team. Few years ago we had idea that we should create website where we would inform users about latest tech and games while we are developing our own. This idea was scrapped and we decided to use the website as the team’s home where you could find any info regarding the game that we were developing at that moment. Later on as we saw that the game development progress was going slower than what we hoped for, we decided to go back to original idea of having a website with latest info from IT. We’re here to bring you the info that matters to you and that you can use while working or  just having fun. Made by tech gamers for techies and gamers everywhere.

Today Grindam is a tech hub open for everyone, that writes about new gadgets, tech news, applications, gaming  industry and startups.

Grindam 2.0
2015 – present
Writing about business and startups, doing interesting stuff with tech.
Working on RPG
2012 – 2014
During this time we were working on Dystopos, a post apocalyptic RPG that we wanted to self-publish.

Focusing on Grindam
2011 – 2012
After the end of previous startup called Zeusoft, Nikola turned its focus to Grindam and started working on it.
Grindam is born! As a gaming blog.
Grindam was founded as a gaming blog originally, where we would focus on gaming news and game development and tech in general. Development of idea and website was slow and the focus went to Zeusoft and ZeuAPP.