Welcome to updated Grindam

Welcome to updated Grindam

Our planned update has been finished, but we also want to share with you what’s exactly new, what we plan to do in months to come, and how you can help us.

A few months ago, I decided that I should update Grindam, thus making it more visually pleasing to new users and to old ones as well. But the whole update wasn’t per se just graphical. There was an issue with site speed itself and it annoyed me quite a lot since it would take a while to load and would drive out new users from visiting websites. Some stylesheets were loading on every page even if there wasn’t a need to load them, since no resource was requesting them on every single page. Also I’ve tried to optimize the website according to Google PageSpeed rules as best  I could and I’ve also used Gmetrix and Pingdom to help me dissect what was causing the slowdown.

Our average site load speed currently is around two seconds.  If you were checking my profile on Twitter, you could actually see some screenshots of the progress and the preview of the new look before we even relaunched our website. Some of you that saw the images are probably wondering what happened to new Post Tiles that were placed after the navigation. Well, the main reason that I’ve decided to remove was its influence on mobile devices and speed. We’ve tested loading website on mobile devices and tablets, and there was an issue with re-sizing and alignment as the screen got smaller. Although I and other team members wanted to launch the website with it, we’ve decided to remove it for the time being, so that we could remake it and launch later on with better optimization. We are also using Cloudflare CDN to help us leverage visits and provide constant experience to all of our users no matter where they are located.

We’ve also added Job Board. Job Board serves us as an option in providing other people or companies to post their job requests and offers, along with us at Grindam.

If you wondered why I use “we” if I’m the one writing the posts and expressing my views along with the views of Grindam well here is the answer. Grindam has been done by me since the start of it. However, a friend of mine usually gives me an idea on what I should fix on the website or how I could actually improve UX. Also there are lot of potential writers that express their opinion but usually don’t have time to write blog post due to time constraints. However, they are working with me on Grindam offline for few months now and I feel I should mention them by using plural pronoun since they are responsible for lot of ideas too. Also, some of them will start writing on the blog soon and I look forward on them joining me in writing about lot of different topics, thus adding a variety on blog.

As you can see we’ve added a lot of different categories and reconfigured the old ones. One of the interesting categories that we are also putting in the spotlight with this redesign is the Startup category. We saw that there are lot of interesting startups that are actually quite amazing, but none knows about them or they are really new so the marketing is not on the level of the older startups that have already been established. That’s why I wanted to write more about interesting startups, the products of theirs and what problems are being solved by them or how they are potentially improving your everyday workflow.

Also, from time to time we will write about the modern culture and its influence on building successful companies, team forming, and how it can affect work atmosphere.

You, the users, are important part of this website too. You are probably wondering how can you help us and how can you join.

If you have an idea contact us!  Ask us about anything that you may have question. Who knows, maybe your idea is really amazing and it could lead to even better experience with Grindam for everyone and us working together on it!

Share our posts with friends and colleagues if you find them interesting.

Expect to see:

Gaming – Yes we will keep the focus on gaming but only that, we will extend it beyond ordinary reporting. Keep an eye out, since a lot of interesting stuff is coming like giveaways, interviews and more.

Interviews – Gaming, startup, oh and have we said that we will also do some Movie related interviews?

Linux – Distro reviews, software recommendations.

Mobile – So, we aren’t gonna just write about the news in industry. Expect to see a lot of more practical stuff.

[appbox googleplay com.bbm ]

Shiny new feature that we’ve done for this category 🙂

Don’t worry if you are Windows or iPhone user, Blackberrian, you aren’t gonna be forgotten.

Reviews – We ain’t robots ya know! Don’t expect to just see application reviews, software, OS…. We are gonna do Movie/Show reviews too! (For now we leave video reviews to Nostalgia Critic. (Wait a sec…. Writes down: Do an interview with Doug Walker)

Overall, we hope that you will enjoy reading our posts on various topics that we are going to cover.