There is new RTS in town; Grey Goo trailer released

Grey Goo is new RTS from Petroglyph set in distant future featuring various races that are battling each other for survival and domination over the worlds.

Petroglyph is trying to recapture the interest of RTS players in a sea that is scarce in games of this genre. The studio is made of ex-Westwood employees, most of them known for their work on original Command and Conquer before the EA bought them. Along with them is Frank Klepacki who’s music has made us enjoy every minute of the games we played, and most notably the C&C games featuring Hell March. The new game will have 3 races: Beta, Humans and Grey Goo. If you are familiar with games like Starcraft 2 or older titles like Age of Empires and others it won’t be a problem for you to apprehend single play campaign and multiplayer.

Nikola Stojic

Nikola Stojic

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