SimCity 2000 is free on Origin

Remember the good old days when SimCity games meant something? If you cherish those past times EA offers you to get SimCity 2000 from Origin for free. It’s a timeless classic that you must own and it will show you have the road to the latest addition to the series went and how it set bar that SimCity 4 surpassed in some ways. We all know that current SimCity is not as people expected it to be. Starting from requesting always online connection to be played to the cutting  of some additional content into DLC’S.  However, Maxis is actually great studio and its talent is really something that has proven over the years with SimCity and Sims. Recently there have been problems with various games starting form Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed: Unity, Watch Dogs, to the EA’s own Dragon Age Inquisition.  Back in the days when SimCity was released, most of the dates were actually flexible. Today, this is multimillion dollar industry, and if you want to make some money you need to appeal to investors with your game earning nice sum of money. Even if the means having a buggy game.

As you can see the main problem are some technical issues that happen due to publisher not giving enough time for everything to be bug free, because there is a set date for release. Sure they can move it further down the road but every delay is mostly necessary in their eyes if there is some major problem. Old Games like SimCity 2000 were given much more time and the game itself is a showcase of the true masterpiece.  You are put in a seat of mayor. Decide what is needed to manage your city in the most effective way. Will you make it Industry or Commercial Heaven? Will your city be ultra rich or poor and undeveloped? It’s all up to you!  This game is pure gem you must own and especially for this price (free!)

Nikola Stojic

Nikola Stojic

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