Silverstone Tundra TD – 03 Review

Silverstone is already known as a company that produces casings, but since few years ago also as a company with a distinctive cooling systems. Today we are testing one of these cooling systems:  Tundra TD 03.


In front of us there is standard, but big box with printed cooling`s logo on it. On the box you can clearly see what are the features of the cooling system, and on the back side of the box you can see dimensions of the cooling itself.

Cooling Box


So, lets open up the packaging. Everything comes really nice packed in the custom shape carton with separate compartments for each part of cooling system. Every part of cooling is rubberized in the plastic and its secured enough..

Box Items

Here is what’s included in the box:

Accessories box, cooling system and a 120mm Fan .


Accessories box

As we can see on the image there is user manual, which I found very useful because I’ve never had water cooling and  I did not know how to mount it on my motherboard. You will also get a universal backplate, for Intel and AMD, bunch of required screws and molex to 4 pin adapter.

The great thing is that there is included and a syringe of thermal paste.



Fan`s dimensions are: 120mm x 25mm and it has a 4 pin PWM connector. Fan includes 9 blades to reduce airflow, noise and better overall performance. It is generating up to 92.5 CFM and it`s speed is up to 2500RPM (rotates per minute).



The pump has nice design, but it reminds a bit on the other AIO (All in One) cooling systems pumps. Great thing is that there is blue LED indicator on the top side. Pump is made out of plastic which is main difference between TD 03 (normal version, which comes with aluminum body).

Pump is very nicely shaped and it comes with 3 pin header. The Intel brackets are pre-fitted for a quick and easy installation.

At the bottom there is a cooper plate which is huge and it will give you great contact with a most of CPU`s. It is also well polished.

Pump is connected to a radiator with a very solid and durable rubberized Tubes.

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