SeaGate's new hard drive: 8TB for 260$

SeaGate's new hard drive: 8TB for 260$
SeaGate has just announced that they will be releasing hard drive with 8TB capacity available for 260$ price tag.Cloud Hosting is pretty popular these days. From OneDrive to Google Drive and countless more offer to store your files. Still, there comes a moment when you want to have files accessible as fast as possible, or when there is a problem with your internet connection, thus preventing you to download your files.  SeaGate has developed this hard drive using Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology for which they claim that “it can enable them to have more space on the hard drive without losing to the form factor and making ‘3.5 hard disks even bigger”.  The speed of this drive is around is 5900RPM with 150MB/150MB which is slower than any of today’s SSD’s, but still, they are perfect for storing large amount of videos, pictures, songs, etc.

SeaGate will also offer two additional variants with 6GB and 5GB. Other versions will have option for file encryption.

At the moment the retailers are still expecting first shipment of these drives form SeaGate. When it arrives you should use the chance and get it because you will get enterprise grade HDD under $500. It’s great value for the price.

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