Running a Startup? Extra Resources Can Be Useful

Running a Startup? Extra Resources Can Be Useful

While working on your project you will often stumble upon useful resources that can get you done faster. That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of the best that can ease the work or give you even an idea that can improve your project design or functionality.

The first one on our list is more of a general list containing everything from inspiration, resources, utilities, to design blogs and tutorials.

I can’t recommend this one enough. There are 3 categories: General, Frontend, Web Design. General category contains links to the websites for resources, social media, games, useful tools that you may use that are related to web designing or not, websites for movie watching etc, travelling etc. Frontend and Web Design have list of blogs to follow, sites to check for resources and tools to use when designing. After Format is a 4th category and it contains a list of programs that you use after installing operating system to get needed functionality for your system.

2. Pixabay

When writing an article on blog, the better the image you use, the more people will attract and get interested about the topic you are writing about. Some people buy professional photos via licenses or they have their own library, but many people don’t have them or don’t have the money to pay the royalty fees. That’s why most of us are using stock photos which are free. If you are a writer and looking for a photo to find for you next blog post, Pixabay is more than enough to satisfy your photo needs. There are lots of different categories and each of the images comes in 3 different sizes. Pexels is a similar site where you can find additional photos if you are not satisfied with choice of the photos at Pixabay.

3. StartupStockPhotos

Building a startup is hard job. In the beginning you need to organize team, find the office space, do boring stuff like documentation and form filling, etc. The least of your worries is getting photos to use on your website to present your startup. Let’s face it, you’ll need photos and images to customize your website and to present it in the best light. Until the time has passed you can actually get few pictures from the site that is linked above to ease your pain while building a startup website. Along with your team photo, it can fit perfect with your website if you use images for landing page or blog.

4. Oozled

This one is good if you are looking for resources when forming a team or when you want to find the best possible tools to reach your audience via marketing, to organize meetups, learn something new, find out a cool product, or read ebooks to improve your knowledge further. Some of the tools featured and resources are free or payed. Services also are free but some of them feature freemium or premium pricing model attached to them.


Getting your name famous out there in the wild, requires good amount of PR and marketing and you need to know where to advertise your product. This list is one of the most amazing lists that any startup regardless of the phase they are currently in, should use to promote itself to the readers, of the websites and blogs located in the list. Done in Excel it contains a couple of different tables, separating the accounts by the links to the pages where you can submit your news/product/startup to be reviewed or written about. Next to the name and link are the Twitter accounts and the number of the followers that the mentioned site has. There is also a presentation of the platforms which the website can be viewed from, as well the list of topics it covers B2B or B2C for example, and the region where the site is mostly focused on. (USA, Europe, Asia).

Do you have your awesome list of resources to share? Tell us what’s your list of resources that are handy when working and that can change workflow for the better.