Preview of Windows 10’s new browser codenamed Spartan

Images of new Windows 10’s browser, now codenamed “Spartan” have surfaced online on various websites. With new look and features it’s primary target is to replace Internet Explorer. As usual, most of the images of the latest software, operating system, or in this case part of operating system, surface online before the official release by the company.

Microsoft’s new browser is full of new features and has a new look that may remind some of Opera or Google Chrome. Chinese website has released images of the browser that will be presented in a few weeks from now. According to various sources “Spartan” supports annotation, and digital inking. OneDrive will be integrated so that you can easily save the files you need.  It is unknown at this time if the actually Windows Store will serve as an addon marketplace, but we’ll find out about that in the following days. Cortana will also be part of Spartan, helping you use its voice search to search the web while you are in bed using Microsoft surface. It will be installable on all Microsoft devices while still keeping an IE (Internet Explorer) installed for those who need it due to web and bank application compatibility. It seems that Microsoft is really obsessed with Halo characters, because the name Spartan  along with Cortana are actually the names of characters in games of  this franchise.

New Topbar


Full Preview



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