Palm coming to life with help of Alcatel

Do you miss your Palm phones? The times before HP bought them, and the WebOS? Well thanks, to Alcatel Palm could be once again in your hands. As uncovered by webOS Nation  it seems that Alcatel has bought Palm trademark via one of its shell companies Wide Progress Global Limited. Nicolas Zibell is Vice President at that company, but he is also responsible for American and Pacific parts of Alcatel and TCL. One may wonder why would Alcatel buy and old brand like Palm. Well, there are few reasons. Alcatel is Chinese company. Most of its products don’t have brand recognition in the USA and the huge marketing doesn’t pay off that much in sales, so you effectively are wasting money for promotion. Palm brand has probably cost them few million of dollars and yet it pays of far more than marketing since Palm is still recognized in Europe and the USA as a brand that is synonym for quality. Since most of the Alcatel One Touch phones are unknown, this will help to get them pushed to consumers and make foothold in other markets, even if it is small percentage but still a bigger one than what they have currently. They will probably use Android either the stock version or modified version since I doubt that they would use webOS, plus it is currently owned by LG which uses it in its TV’s. Whatever the future holds for Palm and Alcatel it will certainly be interesting.


Check out this too: There is a message left on the website, if you for example go to it will redirect you to and play video loop with visible Palm logo titled “Smart Move. Coming soon”.

Nikola Stojic

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