Microsoft working on new browser, no more Internet Explorer?

According to ZdNet, Microsoft is working on new browser that they are going to present on 21st of January on Windows 10 Consumer Event. Microsoft has forked the current Trident engine code that powers Internet Explorer since its reveal to the word. New engine will use that code, but the most of the engine code is going to be changed so that it could be more efficient in loading website and JavaScript handling. As far as we know, Microsoft isn’t planning to switch to WebKit, the engine that powers the Google Chrome and many other browsers that took it as the code base such as Opera, SrwareIron etc.

As we stand now, only Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are original. These “big three” are still holding the throne as they have kept for years now, without any new independent browser to challenge theme. Microsoft hopes to try and renovate Internet Explorer to attract more users to along with Bing, in a similar way Google is doing with Google Chrome.

For many years Internet Explorer has kept a status of a browser that you use to download other browser because it doesn’t work for anything else. Most of the people avoided it and started using alternative like Netscape Navigator which was a precursor to Mozilla Firefox. Starting from Internet Explorer 9, many of the things that made it annoying all these years got removed. However, most of the complaints, including mine, were about Internet Explorer’s integration with Windows Explorer. It was nearly impossible to remove it as it was made a part of Windows Core. Explorer used IE’s Trident to open help files and others that depended on the engine. We can hope that with Windows 10 and the new way Microsoft is heading, this will finally get removed. It will be  nice to see a remade configuration menu as well the other parts of the browser and finally a truly capable competitor to to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Source of info: ZDNet

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