Microsoft Tech Event: Windows 10 Consumer Preview and more!

Microsoft Tech Event: Windows 10 Consumer Preview and more!
Windows 10

Tomorrow (or today depending on timezone) Microsoft is going to hold tech event where it will present Consumer Preview of Windows 10. Along with Windows 10 there is going to be talk and presentation about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer successor, codenamed “Spartan”.

Windows 10 has already reached 10000 build number. There will probably be a lot of talk regarding the Windows 10 development, introduction of new features and a lot of different stuff. The interesting thing will be mostly in the gaming field where Microsoft has said that it has taken to its attention the Windows as gaming platform. There will be talk about Xbox and Windows integration but it is really hard to think that they would announce the inter-compatibility of Xbox-Windows games which is really hard to think of at the moment as viable option, but not impossible if they have plan on how to do it.

We will be seeing how far is the integration of Cortana on all devices gone and Spartan as an IE replacement and overall browser for every device. There will probably bee some new hardware or mobile device introduced.

According to some sources Microsoft is working on a lot of new stuff and one of them is some sort of laptop-phone hybrid. It will be interesting to see in what way this new device will function and what it has to bring to the table of already saturated and crawled market of both phones and laptops. Still, the device is probably going trough heavy development phase, and what we are going to see tomorrow is probably some type of prototype that will be subject to a lot of change until its final release.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft has to show, but I’m sure it will be interesting for both Windows enthusiasts and normal users alike.