Grindam what's new and future plans

Grindam what's new and future plans

Hey everyone! Thanks for following Grindam all this time. I would like to thank you for reading our posts and supporting us on Facebook and Twitter. What happened to the main website? Is the whole startup idea gone? What’s up with your website design?

Let’s discuss all those things.

  1. We’ve decided to put the Grindam in retirement as a brand associated with startups. The main reason for this was that the name wasn’t something you would associate with business, plus the whole idea of Grindam was to be a tech blog, never a startup so the whole role change was a mess.
  2. Regarding the previous posts, they are still available. You can visit the to checkout those. Since few authors have joined me in writing the posts, we will decided on what to do with the old version. My personal opinion is that we should use prefix tech in domain name or something else. I thought that we should keep working but separate the work of Grindam as a personal blog and as a tech magazine. For a moment it will probably work that way unless we replace it with dedicate magazine domain.
  3. The startup idea is not dead and we’re actively work on it under a new name.
  4. This design is being used since I was always a fan of Medium and its focus on readability and content rich posts.
  5. The format of the posts is mostly going to be focused on the startups and IT in general, with some reviews or personal opinions on stuff in tech from time to time.
  6. My Twitter account is still @Zeusoft

I would  also like to inform you, that we’re in the process of creating a new entity, specially focused on startups called “StartupLight“.

As always, our idea was to enable the startups to connect with other startups, make the deals between them, allow them to find investments, work locations, and promotions in IT. Startups are hard to manage and connecting with the people that can help you achieve your goals is part of your goal to success. We think that most of the time people are having hard time to find good feedback, support, due diligence of their business, and as result, they make mistakes.  Contract work is also the part that I think will be useful for startups to have, if they are not working on their own product, or as a side job while working on something. Me and my team will also focus on collaborating with various different companies like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, Amazon, etc. on helping the startups organize their workflow with their specific startup based programs (Microsoft’s BizSpark for example). As an ambassador of StartupBlink for Serbia, I’ve seen a lot of different startups, but there is huge number of those that possess something unique but are yet to be found or are already somewhere out there, but aren’t known to the wide public. That’s why the main mission is to bring those startups, companies and users to each other, so that everyone can benefit from connecting.

Since there are huge number of startups as already mentioned, we will try to focus on those that we find or that we are suggested. As it is with everything, the progress wil be slow for a few months, but in a way it is a better way than to rush without plan into this venture. During the first few months, we will be building our business and we are calling you, the reader, businesses and others to express your opinion on what we could go for or what should we most focus on.

At the moment, there is no web presentation but we expect to have one before the end of this week.