Fans doing remake of Warcraft III using Starcraft 2

WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth is Starcraft 2 mod in progress made by fans that are trying to remake Warcraft III experience within Starcraft 2 engine.For some time now people desperately wait to hear any news regarding new Warcraft RTS game or supposed Blizzard WarCraft 3 remake. Now, that kind of news is reality.


A group of fans has used Starcraft 2 engine to recreate Warcraft 3 world in with astonishing level of quality. They have released the trailer for the mod few weeks ago and it gathered the interest of many people including the Blizzard Entertainment that published the trailer on their official Twitter and Facebook pages. You know it’s good when even Blizzard notices it. It looks really amazing given that you can’t even recognize that it’s Starcraft 2 if you haven’t played it. Since there is going to be long time before Blizzard gives us Warcraft IV or Warcraft 3 HD version, or anything RTS related (not counting Legacy of Void as it is Starcraft 2 third part) this mod could very well do the job of raising hype and interest in RTS genre. Only time will tell what will actually happen, but all of us that are Warcraft and fans of RTS genre in general, deep in our hearts, are hoping this succeeds and reignites the interest for strategy games in general.

Nikola Stojic

Nikola Stojic

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