BlackBerry Classic: Browser and Application preview

There are still few days until the release of BlackBerry Classic. In the mean time the team from Inside Blackberry have posted video of classic featuring Browser and Application preview on classic. Here’s what they have to say about Classic:

Top Rated has rated the BlackBerry 10 browser amongst the top of the mobile industry. I know this may seem like jargon to some – essentially HTML is the language of the web and this measurement represents how fluent and compatible a browser is. What this means for you is a full featured mobile web experiences with pages that render fast and beautifully.

Unlimited Tabs & Reader Mode

If you’re like me you click on many links, but don’t always have the chance to read them in real-time. This is where I appreciated the ability to have unlimited tabs open within the BlackBerry Classic browser. I can have a number of tabs available to me, ready to access at my convenience – without worrying about them disappearing if I need to open a fresh one.

And when you’re catching up on those articles, Reader Mode condenses the information into a simple easy-to-read view. Content takes a front seat, making it more digestible.

3X Faster than BlackBerry Bold 9900

The BlackBerry Classic offers a truly modern smartphone experience with that familiar BlackBerry feel. There are countless situations where one might need to browse the web quickly, like book an Uber car, read the paper or check the score of the game  – the BlackBerry Classic enables you to do so with speed. This keeps you productive, not waiting.

BlackBerry Classic is currently available for PreOrder.

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