Blogging software change

Blogging software change
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

I have decided to make a switch and jump from WordPress to Ghost few days ago. Due to a lot of security issues that WordPress has been facing in last few years, it has become harder and harder to keep a lean website, without overloading it with plugins.

The main issue with WordPress plugins nowadays is that some of them get abandoned by their creators which opens doors for malicious actors. Some of them slow down your website due to them being heavy and once you add a few, your performance takes a hit, which makes using caching plugin/system a must, especially if you have a lot of visitors.

The lack of blog posts during last few years was mostly due to everyday life tasks, but at the same time, it also had to do with WordPress going in direction where it wants to be everything from CMS to Blog.

It's still good software

Now, does that mean that WordPress is bad software? Absolutely not! I still use WordPress for a lot of websites that I manage, including, but in some for some use cases, like only blogging, there are simpler solutions. Do I believe that Ghost self-hosted version is perfect? No. Every software has its ups and downs, and Ghost does too. I am still exploring static systems for blogging, looking to see if I can find anything that can be lean, fast and secure. In case that happens, I will probably make another switch once I am sure it works for me, but until then, I am going to stay with Ghost for foreseeable future.