Silverstone Tundra TD – 03 Review

Silverstone Tundra TD – 03 Review

How does it perform in production environment? Let’s find out.

For the test we will use my own rig:

Motherboard: Msi H81M P33

CPU: Intel i5 4460

Graphics: GTX 970 Msi

We used Prime 95 for the CPU stress and a HWMonitor for monitoring the CPU temperatures.

Idle temps are not bad at all, ranging from 23 to 26 Celsius.

Temperatures can be a lot better if you use push-pull configuration, and for a few days there will be a test with EK`s Vardar fans.

Full load temperatures are also good, they hit just above 50 sometimes, but for example when I am playing CS:GO CPU temperatures hits just around 40 degrees.




TD 03 Lite is priced just at £54.95, which is nice price and I think that this cooler is best buy at the moment.

You can buy it here:

Pros and Cons:


  • Affordable
  • Well designed
  • Good performance for the price
  • Easy to install


  • Fans are a bit noissy


Final say:

At the end we can say that the TD 03 Lite is well designed  and well-priced cooling system which people should care about if they are buying their first AIO solution. It is not best on the market but it gives you good performance for the money.

Review done by Aleksa Pavlovic

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