Watch Game of Thrones Telltale game trailer

Telltale have released the first trailer for their Game of Throne game series. They have confirmed that the game will have actors from the TV show with Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) as game’s narrator. It will consist from six episodes released between few months from each other, during which you will unravel the story.Continue reading →

Jolla announces Sailfish powered tablet


Yesterday, we’ve reported that Nokia  revealed Android Tablet N1 and wondered what would happen to Nokia in the future. We’ve mentioned Jolla at the end of the news and at the same time saw that there was countdown on their website which would reveal new product when it reached zero. I joked about them releasing new tablet but it seems that it is no joke anymore.Continue reading →

Hey there

I would like to thank everyone for visiting website and checking it out. Grindam is a website which will primarily focus on new technology and media as well the games for various devices. We are having a section where we are also going to give you our opinion on various issues in tech culture, new trends, as well the discussion on what we think it about various things while having multiple opinions on same subject included in the opinion article. Some of you may know our website as a game developer’s website of game called Dystopos

You may wonder what has happened. Well at the moment a lot of the stuff are still going on but they are being slow and we also wanted to do something where we could write our reviews, opinions, report news on what’s being latest at the moment. In the near future we will probably update on reorganization of Grindam game development team.

With all that said, it’s time to work and deliver what we promised. We will be also looking for editors and news reporters, so if you are interested, want to express your views and opinions about various devices and games to the people, feel free to contact us and will work out something. Thanks for reading our first post!