Ubisoft gives free games to those who bought AC: Unity

Assassins Creed
Poor programming
Uhm, where is the face?

Ubisoft is giving free games to clean their image as much as possible, from disastrous launch of Assassins Creed: Unity. They are offering anyone that has bought the game’s Gold Edition or Season Pass a chance to get one of the following games for free:Continue reading →

Windows 10 ISO’s build version 9879 are now available

Windows 10 logo
Latest Windows OS version
Windows 10 9879

Microsoft has published the Windows 10’s latest update for those who are using Windows 10 Developer’s Preview as their main system. Additionally they have updated Windows 10 ISO’s so you can download the fully updated system without the need of installing the old build, released in October, and updating manually.

Choose x64 if you have 4GB’s of memory and more, or choose x86 version if you have less than 4GB’s.

Windows 10 build 9879: x86 

Windows 10 build 9879: x64

Jolla announces Sailfish powered tablet


Yesterday, we’ve reported that Nokia  revealed Android Tablet N1 and wondered what would happen to Nokia in the future. We’ve mentioned Jolla at the end of the news and at the same time saw that there was countdown on their website which would reveal new product when it reached zero. I joked about them releasing new tablet but it seems that it is no joke anymore.Continue reading →