EU votes to breakup Google

Breaking of Google

EU Parliament has voted few days ago to breakup Google on search company and company with other products. The members of EU parliament have brought up the question of Google being a monopoly in some niches, thus competing unfairly with EU startups and IT companies which, according to politicians of member countries, can’t get their piece of user share. Continue reading →

Windows 10 ISO’s build version 9879 are now available

Windows 10 logo
Latest Windows OS version
Windows 10 9879

Microsoft has published the Windows 10’s latest update for those who are using Windows 10 Developer’s Preview as their main system. Additionally they have updated Windows 10 ISO’s so you can download the fully updated system without the need of installing the old build, released in October, and updating manually.

Choose x64 if you have 4GB’s of memory and more, or choose x86 version if you have less than 4GB’s.

Windows 10 build 9879: x86 

Windows 10 build 9879: x64