Cortana for Windows 10 gets previewed

Cortana Voice Assistant

As some of you may already know, Cortana is voice assistant that is present on Windows Phone OS.  Windows 10 will also have its version of Cortana available on launch. In the meant time, until the release, Microsoft has said that the first usable version of Cortana in Windows 10 will be available in January in Consumer Version of Preview OS.  Nevertheless, video of it being used has recently appeared on YouTube, thanks to the team behind WinBeta. I personally can’t wait 2015 to see and test full version of Windows 10. It seems that they could hit the nail and have the adoption rate similar to Windows 7 and XP. For now we can just wait to see what new features are getting added.


EU votes to breakup Google

Breaking of Google

EU Parliament has voted few days ago to breakup Google on search company and company with other products. The members of EU parliament have brought up the question of Google being a monopoly in some niches, thus competing unfairly with EU startups and IT companies which, according to politicians of member countries, can’t get their piece of user share. Continue reading →