Windows 10 will support FLAC natively

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FLAC file format
FLAC file format

According to latest news form Microsoft, Windows 10 will have native support for FLAC format. FLAC format or “Free Lossless Audio Codec” enables us to have near the same  sound quality of songs with reduced file size.

In addition to that MKV will also be playable natively. MKV is codec for storing video and audio along with subtitles, mostly popular among movie pirates due to it keeping the quality of the movies while at the same time reducing the file size.

Also, starting from Windows 8, you can natively read PDF and mount ISO files.

Windows 10 will make easier for most people to play the various files for which they had to download various software to be able to play them. In past most of the codecs were made available in code packs which you had to download if you wanted to have support for modern codecs (FLAC, DivX etc.) VLC and foobar2000 include most of the needed codecs , thus reducing the need of installing unnecessary ones that could bloat your system and slow it down.

It’s good to see that Microsoft is adding some of the features which should be available earlier. But still you know what they say, better late than never.

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Windows 10 will support FLAC natively

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