EU votes to breakup Google

Breaking of Google

EU Parliament has voted few days ago to breakup Google on search company and company with other products. The members of EU parliament have brought up the question of Google being a monopoly in some niches, thus competing unfairly with EU startups and IT companies which, according to politicians of member countries, can’t get their piece of user share.¬† In their opinion it’s nearly impossible to compete in some sectors that Google has covered. Also some of the members think that Google should be broken in 2 companies so that the other engines could have a chance to compete with Google. Their decisions is not obligatory for Google to comply with, however if EU Commission agrees with the vote and approves it, Google could be in big problem regarding its European part. Some readers remember that these kind of things existed before.

The best example of the IT company that was going to be broken in few different companies was Microsoft. During the 90’s Microsoft had monopoly on PC’s. They used that monopoly to add IE, Media player, and other stuff to their operating system, thus effectively killing the competition. US FTC and Department of Justice brought the lawsuit against them. The trial ended with out of court settlement. Overall my personal opinion is that EU might work out something with Google similar to Microsoft and USA deal. If you are interested in this topic¬† and want to know more about anti-trust cases in general, I would recommend you to watch movie “Anti-Trust“.

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EU votes to breakup Google

by Nikola Stojic time to read: 1 min