PirateBay shutdown by Swedish police

As various users have been reporting in the last few hours, the popular torrent website PirateBay server has been taken down/seized by Swedish Police. Some users have noticed that the website was unreachable for them earlier today.

Cortana for Windows 10 gets previewed

Cortana Voice Assistant

As some of you may already know, Cortana is voice assistant that is present on Windows Phone OS.  Windows 10 will also have its version of Cortana available on launch. In the meant time, until the release, Microsoft has said…

Windows 10 will support FLAC natively

Windows 10 logo

According to latest news form Microsoft, Windows 10 will have native support for FLAC format. FLAC format or “Free Lossless Audio Codec” enables us to have near the same  sound quality of songs with reduced file size.

EU votes to breakup Google

Breaking of Google

EU Parliament has voted few days ago to breakup Google on search company and company with other products. The members of EU parliament have brought up the question of Google being a monopoly in some niches, thus competing unfairly with…

Sony Pictures Entertainment hacked

Yesterday, Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked by group that calls themselves #GOP. The group hacked Sony’s computers, rendering most of them unusable and displaying picture of red skeleton on desktops. Most people have still fresh memory of this year’s PSN…

Nokia reveals N1 Android tablet

This is probably unexpected for everyone, but Nokia has decided to use its name to manufacture N1 Android tablet. Due to agreement with Microsoft they are prohibited to produce mobile phones with Nokia brand, this, in some way, is a…