Adaptive Customer Engagement – Why Should You Use It, And Why Is It Important

When you want to sell the product, you usually pitch it to your potential customers. Depending on the customer, your delivery can be different according to the Adaptive Customer Engagement profiling. So, what’s the cache?

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Essential Tools for Running a Business – Free E-book

Having a startup requires constant organization and management on your behalf and making everything function at the same time. From communicating with your team, to transferring files to your clients or coworkers, you always use employ different tools to do it. The guys from Active Collab wrote this wonderful free e-book on what tools they are using internally for running their own company.

Active Collab is a popular, all-in-one tool for project management, team collaboration, and billing. Be sure to read this book since, while it mostly outlays down the tools you probably know, it will also add some that you don’t like Gorgias for example – Chrome extension used for making email templates.

If you are just starting, or you already have your own startup, or working on something different, non the less, this books is awesome guide on what programs you can use to improve your productivity and ease your work.

To get the visit the site and just leave your email. The book will arrive in few minutes:

Why Some Startups Fail

You’ve probably been listening things like this , if you are in tech circles, that everyone has been starting his own startup as of late. It’s the new trend that’s been taking off since 2010-2011. But not all startups survive the first year and most of the fail. Why? Some reasons while apparent are not the only reasons why startups fail (like knowledge or money). ¬†Well to be honest, there aren’t that many startups these days that are started without any knowledge in certain topic. (Well most of the startups have at least 2 people that are have the knowledge needed to tackle the problem that their startup solves). As I said in one of my previous posts, most of startup founders are young people around 20-30 years old. Still, the age is not primary reason whether the startup fails to achieve its goal or not.

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Windows 10 and Update Problem With Older Operating Systems

When released Windows 10 offered the users to upgrade from older versions of OS to it. Windows Update in the meantime got worse on older OS’s. You may wonder if this is directly connected to Windows 10 and Microsoft trying to sway users to upgrade or is it completely separated issue.

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Startup Problems in Developing Countries

Organizing Startup

Most of the startups face problems when starting out, but those are far different from problems of those in developing countries. The main problems are mostly those considering the country laws and legal system, finances and mentality, school system, poverty.

We can take any country as an example, but for this particular post I’ll take my own country as an example, Serbia, since every country has almost similar problems with some variations. In truth, the differences are minor so you can put any country for same results.

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